Are short ribs a good cut of meat?

The ribs have the rich texture of rib steaks with the intense and meaty flavor of a hand roast. In short, they're a treat for anyone who likes beef and a real comfort food to “stick your ribs on (ha ha ha)”. The short ribs that come from the primary plate have a lot of good muscle tissue, but also a significant amount of fat. Rib Primal short ribs don't have as much meat as the ones on the plate, but they're much more tender.

If you did a quick Google search for beef rib recipes, you would find just over half a million websites with suggestions from all corners of the world. A second source, called Plate Short Ribs (NAMP 123 series), is found on the primitive plate, which is located in the animal's forearroom, just below the primitive rib. But in the supermarket, sadly, the story is different, since the section from which veal ribs are cut is rarely identified on supermarket labels. Below are several cuts of beef ribs available as specified in the Meat Buyer's Guide that your seller or butcher should be able to find.

Short back ribs are the most expensive form of short ribs and are cut from the primary rib after it is removed. This cut consists of the rib and plate sections, and will contain at least 2, but no more than 5 ribs. With a uniform shape, an intense flavor and a tenderness that comes off the bone when cooked properly, ribs are a very popular cut of meat, largely due to their versatility. The latter are called Chuck-type short ribs (NAMP 130), which come just below the mandrel, from the first to the fifth ribs, and can also be called flanked ribs.

This is particularly frustrating, as the three different types of ribs have markedly different qualities. The most common short rib cut is the rear rib (NAMP 12), which comes from the thick side of the main rib. When you buy ribs with bones, you should consider the weight of the bone and the shrinkage when cooking them.

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