Can i use a grill to make my own version of a classic braised beef recipe with beef ribs instead of pork ribs?

Rating 3, 7 (15) · 5 h 20 minThese ribs are delicious, tender and possibly the best grilled beef ribs you've ever tasted. If you use a sidewall cut, make sure that each slab is approximately two inches thick (short ribs cut per sidewall usually come in thinner slabs). Although not as popular as pork ribs, beef ribs are a great alternative and are cooked in a similar way to pork ribs. Carefully remove the ribs from the pressure cooker and place them in a clean bowl (they will be very tender, so the bones could come out; try to keep them together while you transfer them).

Return the ribs to the pressure cooker along with the accumulated juice and place them in the braising liquids. Return the ribs to the pressure cooker, pouring a spoon with the sauce all over and around them so that they glaze as they reheat over low heat. The short English cut ribs are cut so that one rib runs along each portion; the ribs cut along the flanks cut the ribs so that each piece has cross sections of several ribs. This pressure cooker version of classic veal ribs braised in red wine offers absolutely perfect results, only in less time.

For this recipe, you should use back ribs, as short ribs (with bone) benefit from a different cooking method, such as braising. Some people wonder if it is necessary to boil ribs before grilling, wrap them in aluminum foil during roasting, or follow other tips related to barbecue ribs, but none of these steps are necessary to obtain this easy and effective recipe.

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